Insurance can help protect you when things go wrong.

At Prestige Risk Management, we provide solutions aligned with your personal or corporate goals through our analysis of what your needs are, to keep you protected from the unpredictable factors in our challenging world.

With other agencies, each company provides only one brand of insurance. At Prestige Risk Management you have choices, very much like a one-stop shop. We represent a number of different insurance providers and will compare coverage and prices to find the best possible value for your individual requirements. We understand that in the current environment, everyone is looking for more value from their purchase, and this is one of the various factors we look out for when we are partnering providers to cover our clients on their risk management requisites.

We also understand that your needs and priorities may alter a few months or years from now, and our associates are more than pleased to provide a review whenever you need. Our associates are committed to help you maintain peace of mind day after day.

It is our responsibility to use our skills, resources and expertise in risk management to contribute in creating a safe and strong society. Being a responsible company means listening to our clients and their needs, maintaining professional conduct, treating our partners fairly and creating a work environment based on trust and respect.

We can make a difference.

Let us help you find the right coverage, please contact us at Our associates will get in touch with you shortly.

To be the leading risk management firm in Singapore by providing our policyholders with the best coverage and consistent service.